best artist in indonesia

January 29, 2007 4:32pm CST
what your choice?? a. Nia Ramadhani b. Chelsea c. Dian Sastro W d. etc explain : why you choice she???? I love Chelsea because she so young, cute, atractive, soo interest to look her face!!! soo cute
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@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 07
Anggun  - anggun cipta sasmi
i would like to pic Agnes monica. she been starting local taiwan series tv and she singing her song full of energy. but the most best artist indonesia and i adored so much is: the one and only: A n g g u n she is ROCK!
• Indonesia
7 Mar 07
I'm agree with diansinta in one thing: Anggun. she is smart, tough, and elegant.
@Neo_Knights (1887)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 07
Chelsea is good newcomer. I don't like Dian Sastro. She's not to cute I think. And her performance in Who Wants to be Millionaire is very ugly. There are many beautiful actress recently, and I guess they're pretty good too.
• Indonesia
31 Jan 07
then, who yourm choice???
@agh05t (6)
• Indonesia
10 May 07
i chosen Chelsea....Oh She So Cute GirL.... :D i chosen Nia Ramadhani...Oh She A Pretty GirL... :) i chosen Rianty C. Wright...Oh God...!? She A Really Really Pretty Pretty Woman... i Like Julie EsTelle Too.... :) Hehehe.... To Many Choise ???!
@escudo (89)
• Indonesia
9 May 07
I Love Dian Sastro W
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
8 May 07
I like Dian sastro more.Part of my username here is her name combine with another versatile singer,Agnes Monica!All above are talented.Nia Ramadhani is one young talented girl..she looks like she's in 20's but actually NO.I think her height that makes her look older than her age..But,i like her,at a young age,she are expose with lots of acting!So the talented! As for Chelsea,she's cute and now she will be active in singing too..maybe!
@juntoboy (612)
• Indonesia
2 May 07
i like sarah azhary. because her be... is fery big. i like it.
@hfadzli (439)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 07
Dian sastro is my choice. Wish i can meet her. my type of girl.
@gupy15 (121)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 07
i like virny ismail....
• Indonesia
9 Feb 07
Putri Titian so cute ;)
@Locotez (232)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 07
i prefer to choise d. etc...hhiihihi I like Tamara Blezinsky soalnya..:p
@gabrezz (80)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 07
Chelsea look so cute. But i prefer to Nova Eliza. She so prety, hot, and smart. And love bilyard game .. same with me.