new born baby boy arriving home 2morrow

January 29, 2007 4:39pm CST
my sister just had a baby boy and is bringing him home 2morrow. she is worried as she has 3 cats,are their any health risk for her bringing her son home with 3 cats or would the baby be ok
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3 Feb 07
the baby should be ok if you keep the cat out of the babies room. it may smell the milk on the babies breath and start licking it off which can cause the air to be sucked out of the baby and the baby will die. i'm not trying to scare you or anything i'm just trying to make sure the baby doesn't get in any harm. also keep the litter box out of the babies smell and reach. the toxins in the cat litter could cause respiratory problems and is not healthy to breath. before taking the baby to the cat make sure the cat has eaten so it is relaxed. it won't eat the baby that's not what i was trying to insinuate. let the baby sniff the cat. talk to the kitty to let the kitty know that the baby is a friend. give kitty a treat. if the kitty or baby gets too upset try again later. repeat the introduction several times so they get to know each other. i know there are 3 cats in this situation but with time it will work. i know a lady that had a baby with 5 cats so she did the same thing and it worked really well. good luck with the cats and the baby.
4 Feb 07
ty hun yes we have locked the cat away from the baby room the cat play around the house and not in baby room ty for reply
@Rosepetal (352)
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29 Jan 07
I've heard stories about cats and babies. Maybe your sister should keep the cats out of the baby's room. It's always better to be safe than sorry.
30 Jan 07
ty hunni iagree i tell her
29 Jan 07
ther should be no problems if she follows her hygiene practice i.e no cats on the work surfaces or eating areas and definately not in the bedroom but the child should grow up with the pets and have no problems at all my children grew up hapilly and safely with cats tc have fun with the new arrival
30 Jan 07
ty will let her know