My Deductions Series. Eppy #1. From animal souls to werewolves.

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January 29, 2007 6:00pm CST
Brief intro: I decided it'd be cool to get some real information on 'creatures/monsters' on mylot, since there seems to be very little of it. Note this series is ONLY what I believe that I've learned..though I'm sure if you're dug around as much as I have you'd see my logic as well. So every time you see 'My Deducations Series' in the title of one of my dicussions it means I'm going to write a nice loooong bit on whatever the subject happens to be that time. You're warned. People who want to learn read on! Feel free to ask questions and challenge my views. If I'm wrong, I'd rather learn the truth. However please refrain from arguing with me..debating's good, arguing's bad remember that. Werewolves, were-buffalo, were-cats..the legends have been around since the dawn of time..whether it was inspired my the gods themselves and their many faces or by real people/creatures it's yet to be truly discovered. Magickally it IS possible..though I'm not sure if I or anyone else today could pull off changing their body into something else and being able to turn themselves back again. Being cursed is debateable..truly nasty practioners of magick do not tend to last very long..for obvious reasons. Dieties usually don't bother cursing us poor mortals since we do a good enough job messing up our own lives as it is..Demons and malevolent type spirits are usually stuck under a whole bunch of rules and laws and as a rule can't touch us unless we touch them first (this is why you never dabble lol). There's been stories of the Beserkers. Wearing belts or other garments made from the animal whose mind is said to posess theirs, giving them inhuman strength and ferocity in battle. There's an actual medical condition called Lycanthropy where someone actually believes they turn into a wolf (but they don't) or that that they ARE a wolf..which occasionally gives them extra strength, because as all practitioners know, belief has a great deal of power. But it never makes them inhuman. So what's the truth? Are real werewolves real? Can someone really turn into an animal of another species? So far, all I've discovered is what's called Therianthropy. It works on a very basic system and I believe it has plenty of basis for reality. Therianthropy is the belief that you have the soul of something not totally human, or not human at all. This works with the belief of reincarnation very well (which loads of people believed in the very early days, ESPECIALLY early christians believe it or not..). In Theriantrhopy people who have these kinds of souls can experience different kind of shifts..which I will now list: Mental-shift (Their mind takes that of their animal's..sometimes this is not turn-offable..the mind is always simply THERE and they have no other mind than their animal one..having to learn human things) Spiritual-shift (From my understanding, this tends to be more of a feeling than much simply become more AWARE of your animal self being there, or you feel..peaceful at being what you are in your own enviroment) Phantom-shift (Feeling appendages which aren't there..this is a commonly known phenamena since people who have limbs amputated still feel as if they still have the arm or leg and can still feel moving this case it would be beaks, tales, wings..) Dream-shift (Changing form to your animal in your dreams.) Aural-shift (This one I'm more sketchy on, from what I've heard it can be anything from the shape of your aura to -seeming- like..say your hands suddenly changed into paws. This didn't really change, but to the naked eye they LOOKED like paws..kindof like a glamoury only trying so hard to show what's underneathe not something different) Shadow-shift (Another thing I'm sketchy on, this one's supposed to change the shape of your shadow.) The last is called the physical shift..and no one's been ever able to prove it's possible. Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't..someday we'll know probably, but for the sake of trying to stick to facts and not a whole lot of speculation.. Conclusion? I suppose if you want to fit outdated terminology on Therians you could call them werewolves, were-bats, were-cows (yes they're are were cows..there are were-dinos and BUGS too..) Very few of which are actually evil or eat people. I suppose there's a good or bad one here and there, but most of these people are just that -- different people. They are not skin-walkers or shape-stealers. Those are literal type monsters..and unfortunately DO Kill people..but they're rare. You don't hardly hear or see anything of them anymore. So that's it for this first eppy. Hope you guys found it enlighening ^_^
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@Willowlady (10666)
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30 Jan 07
Nothing here is out of anything I have heard about. Maybe the were bugs, however, it was pretty thought out. The soul of an animal thing was one such thing I heard on a few nights ago. This gentelman said his soul was that of a horse and that horses recognized this in him. He also said that no woman was appealing to him and he had a panic disorder like a horse when something was startling to him. Never had met anyone like that though. So this was a great sharing peice that you did! Hope you get some informed responses for this topic!!