what age did your baby start talking..

United States
January 29, 2007 9:10pm CST
our sweet Anabel is 19 months old and doesn't show much interest in talking..she says mama..not much more..the peditrician thought maybe a tongue tie, but a specialist nixed that...i'm not really concerned,(much,) but looking for other people's experiences..
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
2 Feb 07
I have been around children for many years. It sounds like she is your only child and our first ones we always seem to want them to do things quicker. :)LOL Nothing wrong with that. All children start things at differnt ages, just their is an average for when children start something so when our children hit that mark we sometimes jump to what's wrong. I'm sure that your sweet Anabel will talk in due time. On the other hand you could have my child who hasn't stopped talking since she was 8 months old? I constantly think to myself please Lord just 5 minutes of quite. LOL So again not to worry. Good luck to you here at mylot!
• United States
30 Jan 07
My little girl started saying Mom & Dad & 7 months.. but each child develops differently as you know. My sister's youngest will be 3 in March & he just started talking a lot. He has had so many ear infections that my sister kind of thinks that he can't hear very well so wasn't able to understand. But, he's talking now & the Dr.'s aren't concerned about it. Has your little one had a lot of ear infections? Or maybe she is getting her needs met without having to communicate.