Learning how to speak the cree language

@karsted (240)
January 29, 2007 9:49pm CST
I would really like to learn how to speak in cree. It is important to me because I would like my children to know the language of their ancestors. It is a very important part of culture, language, and it really is a shame that people have been forgetting something that is such a big part of their identity. Does anyone here know how to speak the cree language? I am interested in learning the dialect of the plains cree. Does anyone else think that preserving one's language is important? I am looking forward to your feedback.
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• United States
30 Jan 07
I'm sorry I don't know how to speak Cree. I too am from American Indian decent; Cherokee. Yes, Ido feel it is important to preserve the language of our ancestors, as well as passing the cultural values from one generation to another. This site has various dictionaries that may be of some help to you: http://www.freelang.net I have done some research on there for another native american project that I am working on. I can probably come up with some other sites for you if you are interested. I commend you on wanting to learn this culture and pass it on to your children. I think it is fantastic.
@karsted (240)
• Canada
30 Jan 07
Thank you for the tip, I will definately check that web site out. My hubby used to know how to speak cree, but he has forgotten over the years. We are all trying to learn together. I wish that they offered cree language immersion in the school that my children attend, but they dont, so it is up to me.