Just share dreas about ur career here ....

@Advait (23)
January 29, 2007 10:46pm CST
Almost everybody of us has some dreams wile in early teens. By the time we enter in twenties i.e. towards the end of our professional education and just in begining years of professional life, our dreams have usvaly changed a lot. Few times they have become more vivid and detailed Few times there is no appearant connection to the dreams in teens..... Lets share such deviations in dreams My case: I had 2 main dreams in teens 1 I wished to be a Pilot of flight (like most of the childs after seeing a pilot 2 I wanted to be a PhD holder in science my first dream was just childhood attraction and I am now not a pilot and will never be one.. Howver the other dream is still with me I am currently a Master's degree holder in my professional stream and looking for a PhD in recent future... Just share ur dreams about ur career here .....
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• China
8 Feb 07
Now I have a dream.My dream is to go to a university which I like most.I want to realize it all by myself.I will try my best to realize it. No matter how bad the result is.I have enough confidience to make my dream come true.My parents and my friends will support me about it.So I can say loudly that I am sure to realize my dream! Just believe me.