Frugal Attitude of Friends

Frugal Attitude like an Insect. - I call the persons who are very conservative and depend on others as Insects like this
January 29, 2007 11:14pm CST
I had guests last week end from my home town. We had planned a Trip together. But I observed my friend to be very conservative in spending money. He was not taking out money from his pocket. He had lots of expectations that I should pay for the whole transportation. I dont know why People keep such expectations? He and his wife both are working and earning a lot. I am working alone and running the family. Atleast whenever you are going on a holiday or a Trip you should equally share the burden, I have planned not to go out with him/his family for long week ends, i dont like such attitudes, my other friends do not have such attitudes, will somebody guide me what to do with such friends who are so frugal?
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