Setting Reasonable Writing Goals

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January 30, 2007 1:47am CST
This being my first myLot entry, I figured it would be appropriate to put it in my "fiction writing" category. I'm a bit rusty, but here goes:When I first dipped my toe in fiction-writing waters, I thought my climb to fame and fortune would be short and easy. "This will be easy," I thought. "I know I can write better than so-and-so, who has all this crap published and making her millions."But a funny thing happened during those marathon climb-to-the-top writing sessions: Writing wasn't fun anymore. My judgment became clouded by visions of being in print, interviews with Oprah, my Pulitzer prize acceptance speech... Clearly I had fallen out of love with the craft. Once I set aside notions of glory, I found my writing went much smoother and way much more fun. These days I set myself more reasonable goals. Five hundred words a day, give or take, and long stretches go by when I hardly write anything. That's just the way it goes sometimes. So are you one of those prolific writers, churning out page after page of engaging copy? I've heard some of those exist. Or do you take your time, savoring one page at a time? Worse yet, are you like me, floundering about on page 50 week after week?Suggestions are of course welcome. Just place them in the hat.
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25 Jul 07
I often have long periods go by where I do not write. Then, somedays I can write for about four hours. I have a Novel That I wrote in 2004, but I have lost some pages and I have to fill them in. I think I have seven pages to fill in, but I have already started typing up my manuscript. I also have children, so it is hard to be able to write when I want to. My daughter is one and a half, so she keeps me busy. By the time she goes to bed, I am exhausted. I have also started another novel, which I am 34 pages into. I have also written poems and I received an award for one last year. I want to have my novels published and have one of them turned into a movie. That is my ulitimate goal. I need someone to keep me motivated. Maybe we can keep each other motivated. I believe that is what I need. Maybe we could read each others writings. Have you finished a novel yet?