which anti virus software you use?

January 30, 2007 2:09am CST
which anti virus software you use? and what is the best anti virus software in your opinion. and why it is best.
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• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Hi, at this point of time, I am using avira antivir personal classic edition. I have been using this software for almost two years, and since then I have never encountered any problems at all with regards to the overall function and system performance of my machine. Otherwise, I am so impressed and grateful with its performance. It updates on a regular basis and can be scheduled any time you want. It is very light on resources and does not use a lot of memory. Hence, does not slow down your computer system. Hope this would help to you in any way! Have a great day and God speed!
• India
30 Jan 07
I use free AVG anti-virus. according to me, if u go for freewares, AVG is the best and for payed; no doubt it is Norton Anti-virus..... Norton is good but takes up lot of resources and slows down ur ps but AVG is much lighter on the system and gives good protection.....
• Italy
30 Jan 07
I've tried Norton, Avg, Avast!, kaspersky, Nod32. I hate Norton, cause it's slow and has too many bugs. Avg and Avast! are good, light but they aren't the best. Now, I'm using Nod32, not bad but kaspersky is the better, for me it's the best antivirus.
• Northern Mariana Islands
31 Jan 07
I use AVAST! ... I was using AVG before for a long time but then one day my sister brought home a diskette which had some weird file on it...I think it came from the computer shop she went to..While using AVG, I noticed that it was creating a folder in folders that you access. AVG did not detect anything despite being updated everytime it asks me to. I searched around and boom...I ran across AVAST. It detected the darn thing and finally my PC was clean again. Im sticking with it coz like AVG, it updates itself automatically. Anti Virus should be backed up with a spyware cleaner...Ciao!
• India
30 Jan 07
I use a free version of AVG anti virus. I guess this is a very good antivirus with very very memory usage. One thing I get annoyed with this software is that, it updates every now and then.
@stvasile (7313)
• Romania
30 Jan 07
McAfee Security Center - McAfee Antivirus + SpamKiller + Firewall + Antispyware pack
I use McAfee Antivirus + SpamKiller + Firewall + Antispyware pack
@lameran (1147)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 07
right now still using NOD32 .. not the best lah .. but quite full fill my hope .. light ... n the update rather often .. almost everyday there is update the database .... makes me more sure about my virus vulnerablity ... ^^! (better than not hehehehe) I think there no the best anti virus application in the world .. for now n forever .. since there always a lack in one program n advance in other programs ... Backup your data is the most important keys if your data is important ^^
@freesoul (3022)
• Egypt
30 Jan 07
I use AVG free, I think it's the best i ever tried, it updates daily, no registration or fees and it catches any virus or Trojan you may come across.. I had problems with Norton before and would never use it again.