do you wake up early in the morning ?

January 30, 2007 2:17am CST
well i tried this from past 4 days and i am feeling too sleepy even now . its too difficult according to me to wake up at 4-5 am in morning . what do you think ?
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@kitokito (110)
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
I do the opposite... I go to bed when the dawn is breaking and the sun is almost up. I have been doing that on and off for the past three years.People do have different sleeping habits..the activities that surrounds your everyday life is the biggest factor for your sleeping habits.
@sanjeev9 (115)
• India
30 Jan 07
yes i always woke up early in the mourning ... i woke up at 6:00am in the mourning and i go to my college which starts at 7:30am so for this i have to woke up in the mourning...
• United States
30 Jan 07
You have to do what is correct for your body's clock. I'm a night person. Getting up at 4-5 am is very difficult. You could even make yourself sick if you try to change your schedule too fast, so be careful.