african-american rappers come home

January 30, 2007 3:05am CST
its non of my business but am really touched.most of these rappers got some african roots.i wonder why they feel so low and disgraced to visit home.and why would someone spend $100000 on diamonds, chains and cars,when we got kids starving,homeless,no education.i know this is hard earned money but cant a brother show some love to the poor back here,since they were here.though a few have tried even though they dont give aid equally. yours ssemalulu
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• Romania
10 Feb 07
Well...I think they don't want to come back home because when they were kids they had a really bad life and they don't want to remember about this.They have alot of $ . They spend the money on diamons,card and other things but they give away money too.You wouldn't know if they would give money away.This is my oppinion.Peace.