My girlfriend ditched me...

@shalwani (760)
January 30, 2007 4:29am CST
Hey people. My 4 years old girl friend ditched me and is now involved with my best friend. Plz suggest what i should do?? SHould i teach them both a lesson or should i let it go??? i want to tak erevenge though!!! help plz
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@jolanda33 (720)
• Netherlands
30 Jan 07
i am confused! i think your're talking about the girlfriend of your son? in your profile you say you want to be a good mother! and i can't see your avator very well so i guess it is your little one! he is four years old and dumped by his girlfriend, don't worry after a couple of days she will be back! am i right?
• Pakistan
30 Jan 07
Ohh man so sad to hear that. Are you talking about aamir and sara. Yes man you should teach them a lesson. Lesson of love ;)
30 Jan 07
Revenge is never a good thing and does little to show how grown up you are if that is what you want to do. There must be a valid reason why you have been dumped by your girlfriend and if she is only involved with your friend now then it doesnt sound like an affair and neither of them has done anything wrong. People do get tired of each other and have to part you know, it doesnt mean they are nasty or spiteful or do thingd deliberately to hurt you, just that its time for them to move on and thats what you need to do, you need to move on.
@samson1967 (7415)
• India
30 Jan 07
You can let her go as she is only four years old. You can think about the revenge later when she deceives you after attaining maturity.