your favorite books. why?

January 30, 2007 5:16am CST
what are your favortie books? who are their authors? why do you like them? what are they about? i've run out of good books to read lately and i think it'll be a good idea if we share the books we love so that others can explore other titles and genres. let me start. my top 3 favorites are: 1. the god of small things by arundhati roy - i like it because i like the author's way of describing the details of the story. she has a way of making you feel, hear, taste, and smell the scenarios in the story. the story is about the lives of an order indian twin (brother & sister) with their widowed mother mother and a traditional grandmother. 2. the memories of midnight by sidney sheldon - i like it because it's the kind of book you can read in one sitting. once you begin, its as if you cannot put it down. as you go on reading, the more you get absorbed into the story. it is about a woman who has amnesia and falls in love with a Greek tycoon. as she regains her memory, she discovers that her Greek lover was actually connected to her before she had her amnesia. 3. by the rive piedra, i sat down & wept paulo coelho - it's beutifully written. very poetic story about love. it's about a girl who fell in love with her childhood friend but later on discovers that he has become a religious leader. he brings her along on his pilgrimage and they both were able to reflect on their own lives and their relationship with one another. those are my top 3 favorites so far. so what's yours?
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30 Apr 07
I'll list my favourite three books, though I'm not sure what the order is - I love all of them! Your Erroneous Zones - Dr Wayne Dyer This is a wonderful book, which talks about - literally, your erroneous zones. His language is powerful, and helps you identify all the blocks which you have been setting for yourself, and all the lies which you have been telling yourself. It really helps you get your life the way its truly supposed to be - under your control. If you're looking to improve, this is the book to be picking up. Acts of Faith - Erich Segal This is my favourite book in the fiction category. It is a story of two lovers - who should never have fallen in love in the first place. Haunted by a stringent religion and the risk of taboo, these two move on with their lives, only to get back together later on, but the journey they both go through is truly beautiful. Like every Erich Segal book, this one is really romantic too, but it is also really powerful - in that it deals with some very strong emotions, and the strength of the human mind too. The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield I'm really not sure if I should classify this book as fiction. It is a story of a man who by accident, starts on a journey in which he finds manuscripts from the mayan civilisation, about the insights of how to live life. It is a journey for anyone trying to find those manuscripts - you learn and implement the lesson of one insight, and you'll discover the next. It is a book and teaches us a lot of lessons on how we should live our lives