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January 30, 2007 7:39am CST
im stopped schooling this semester and i really do get bored in my everyday life..its been 2 months since i stopped schooling..and 1 month since i got an internet broadband connection as days passes by after having the connection..i really do get excited browsing some sites and connecting games..but as days passes by im finding it boring to always be connected to the internet since i dont do anything at all..and of course i do get the monthly bill which P900 a month which is roughly US$20..and of course the electricity bill which costs P2000 US$40, so i was really looking for a job but unfortunately here in our city is very poor and no job vacancy at all..so i remembered the account that i have made here in mylot..now i guess i wont be bored in my everyday life and perhaps do get some money in making some things here in mylot.. like there's no harm in trying.. i lived for computer doing some works in multimedia..but is it really advisable to stay connected to the internet everyday and do some boring stuffs such as browsing sites, downloading stuffs, getting connected in internet games? and are there any productive things happening here?
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@willocfc (963)
• Australia
30 Jan 07
of course there are productive things happening on the internet, everything is happening on the internet, think about what it is you want to be doing and run a gooogle search and you will find plenty of links