How long do you spend time grooming or making up?

@saintz87 (439)
January 30, 2007 9:09am CST
How long do you actually spend time making up and grooming yourself? Personally, i take about 1 hour preperation after i wake up from the bed. "1 hour for a guy?" you would probably ask. Yes, 1 hour. Do not think that women only take hours dressing up. Usually, i would take like 5-10mins getting myself out of the comfy bed we all enjoy. Slugging myself out of a Queen-Sized bed(which i happen to enjoy alone) is not that easy ya? The next 10-20 mins in the toilet doing the 'normal' stuffs and then my breakfast. Finally, I would take 'some' time fixing and styling my hair before i go out. I have to admit that there are times i never bothered to style my hair and went out straight. Well, we all know why dont we? LATE ya!!! How long do you take dressing or grooming ?
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