Is it OK for a girl to make the first move and ask a guy out?

Sri Lanka
January 30, 2007 2:02pm CST
Or would that be considered too forward or cheap?
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@omidmao (744)
• India
30 Jan 07
yes why not ,, anyway it was good discussion , i really like this type of discussion , i give u + for this , thank u so much , be happy and good luck
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• Sri Lanka
30 Jan 07
Your welcome :) And thank YOU, i gave you a + too
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@dmillman (2273)
• United States
30 Jan 07
Hell yeah! It's the new millennium, so it's whatever it ends up being. Guys do the asking and girls do the asking these day. Some girls pay for the date, some guys do. Some girls are likely to make the first move sexually these days too. So anything is possible. If it's meant to be, it will be.
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@carlomeno (1086)
• Italy
2 Feb 07
The times are changing and the girls are taking initiative more than before. I am very fast to ask to go out, and this never happened to me, but I do not mind if it happens
• Egypt
31 Jan 07
i think this is from the basic reasons that make the man disrespect his is absolutely wrong. i know that because i tried one situation similar to this...we was in a trip and i found a girl that i din't know tried to talk to me and get close from me actually the girl was pretty :) so i couldn't block her but after a while i remembered this act and i disrespect her and i ended this relation. ofcourse i wasn't that angel her and i responsible for some consecuences but she started it. so i tell that is not sound a good choice.
@anex84 (465)
• Bulgaria
30 Jan 07
Tt's really an old fashioned idea that guys get uncomfortable if the girl makes the first move. I guess there a few people out there who do get uncomfortable but times are changing and it's no longer considered taboo on the girls part to make the first move. But what you have to decide for urself is, the guy you are going out with ... will he uncomfortable or not, which I guess you can always decide.
@lowey01 (223)
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
Men is supposed to be the aggressor, in nature, not women. A girl making the first move, and it happened, ended up me treating them with lesser respect than those which I actually made the first move.
@ginny36 (267)
• United States
30 Jan 07
I definitely think its OK for a girl to make the first move or ask a guy out. In fact, I think most guys are relieved and happy when a girl takes the lead and does the asking. Asking someone out is nerve-wracking. After all, most of us don't like rejection. I think men are perfectly happy to share the stress of making the first move!
@badreligi (224)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 07
Well, why not ? This is a modern life so dont be prestige. Although it's make you sounds agressif, but nevermind, just do it especially if you really like him. If you always feel shy to do that, you will be regret if one day you found him walk with other girl ;)
@skyblade (482)
• United States
30 Jan 07
Of course its ok. As long as you have the courage to do so, ask out whoever you want. Most likely they'll at least be flattered!
@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
30 Jan 07
Most guys are rather shy when it comes to making the first move and probably would like it that you took the initiative. There is nothing wrong with either one starting the ball rolling.