Have you ever struggled with weight loss?

United States
January 30, 2007 4:44pm CST
I know a lot of people that have struggled to lose weight throughout their lives or at specific points in their lives, me being one of them. We all know that "a proper diet and regular exercise" is the key to weight loss, but for many reasons that is not as easy as it sounds for some people. I've recently discovered a program that has absolutely amazed me- after all these years! In 10 days I've lost 10 lbs and I feel incredible. . . more energy, clear-headed, never hungry. I love it, and I've been telling all my friends about it! If any of you out there are looking to improve your health, lose weight and feel great you should check out this website for a free sample pack- the products are 100% guaranteed, so what do you have to lose? www.321bestdiet.com
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@jennifer611 (2502)
• United States
30 Jan 07
what exactly is this program about? is it pills or what? Congrats on your weight loss so far!
• United States
31 Jan 07
The way I started was through a friend who recommended it to me. I noticed she was losing weight and asked her what she was doing. She sent me to the website www.321bestdiet.com for a free sample pack. All I did was fill out some info and then the company called me to make sure that I was qualified for the samples. The sample pack is free, all you pay for is S&H- but it was totally worth it! I started with the appetite control pills and metabolism boosting drinks and I was already full of energy after the first day- and not hungry! I really had a lot of weight to lose, so I wanted to start on a customized program and I worked with my mentor to chose the right program for me. It's been wonderful- I can talk with my mentor for free any time I have questions, and she sets up calls with me to find out how I'm doing and offer suggestions/support. There are a lot of great products to choose from, you just have to tell your mentor what you are looking to lose and they help with the rest! Part of my plan includes protein shakes, which I've tried before from other companies and never liked- but these are delicious! I am so excited about how I look and how I feel- for the first time in my life! Check out the website, they have some good info there and you can sign up for the free samples and get started. I am so excited about my weight loss and I want to share the info with everyone!
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
When I was young, losing weight never posed me a problem. Doing those exercises everyday was no big deal. It was also relatively easy to stay away from foods with high cholesterol levels. Now that I've grown old, to be fit is a must - it is one of the more effective ways of staying away from sorts of illnesses. However, exercises are no longer easy to carry out, they are very tiring. I've thus been adding weight and I consider it a big problem. I'll give your way a try and hope it shall be effective on me, too.