My daughter wants attention ALL the time!

@ktroth (378)
United States
January 30, 2007 6:54pm CST
I have a five year old daughter and an eight year old son. My daughter is not yet in school and when she and I are home during the day together, she is a delight 95% of the time. I work from home so she is not getting all my attention all the time. And she goes to pre-school, where she is not getting all the attention. But when my son is around, she seems to demand constant attention. She talks non-stop, weather she has something to say or not. She picks fights with him and annoys him to no end. She just can't stand to share the attention with him. We went out to eat last weekend with the inlaws and she sat next to Grandma, who of course hung on her every word. That didn't help at all and my daughter was so busy talking and trying to get attention that she hadn't finished half her dinner by the time the rest of us were done, despite us telling her to keep eating. I hate getting mad at her, but I can't stand it anymore. Sooner or later she needs to learn that the world doesn't revolve around her. We've done our best to show her that it doesn't, but she doesn't seem to get it. Anyone have any advice??
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31 Jan 07
a lot of girls that age want attention all the time. i was babysitting a girl that was 4 years old and was always doing things to get attention. she would cry for no reason and she would want me to sit by her all the time and she wanted me to just play with her. well she has 3 brothers. so they needed attention to like when they were doing homework and she wasnt because she was in kindergarten and didnt have much homework. she would get really upset that i couldnt' play with her. she would do anything to get my attention and it was hard for me. grandma's do tend to listen to everything the child says. i don't know exactly how to deal with it but i would try talking to a pediatrician about it. they give good advice about how to deal with things like this. hope you have good luck with her.
@ruknaa (408)
• India
31 Jan 07
soon she will go to a prep school and ur worries will end... and in no time she will hit teens and will completely ignore u