How can we keep personality ???

January 30, 2007 8:41pm CST
sometimes, life brings conditions to us and getting harder and harder for each seconds. we lose our dreams, plans, healty or more about near future or future... and how can we keep our personality in this conditions or how much we keep it ??
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@shrekk (561)
• Pakistan
31 Jan 07
thats a pretty tough question for me, especially right now when I really am in hard time (I've been kicked out of my literature lessons at school and not allowed to appear for literature from the school for my O'levels). You know, the solution is simple, but very hard to achieve:You just have to stay positive, no matter whatever hardships fall on you, and eventually, you'll reach your goal. In happy days, I'm pretty positive about everything but once something bad occurs, I immediately plunge into my bout of negative thinking and I begin to feel life itself is a burden. (I think this is a severe case with me, cuz others dont seem to take so much effect of it...but anyway, I'm a teenager and this happens). The bottom line is, do not get attracted to the negative ideas that develop in your brain at any point in life and do not feel sorry for yourself. This feels pretty attractive when it happens but its totally useless, in fact, destructive and can end you up in disaster. Just try to think positively and somehwere near in the future, you'll find out that problems have actually all ended and life's perfect....just beause you've changed your way of thinking and of seeing the different things in life :)