Do NOT Let Anyone Force You To Join AGLOCO

@ezymoney (876)
January 30, 2007 9:40pm CST
If you want to earn extra income, then, Agloco can provide you with $%20,or $50,or $100,or maybe $1000 a week extra income. However if you do not need any extra income, dont let anyone force you to join AGLOCO. And if you are a member of AGLOCO already, don't let anyone force you to recruit....unless you want a rather good extra income. I have seen more and more people here at myLot already joined Agloco. One of our friends even offers $1 if you want to join under him. But most answers are " SOrry, I have joined Agloco" 'SOrry I have joined Agloco' comment will become more common day after day and I am sure it will be very difficult for people with no referral to recruit people. It is like JOE Pizza and DOMINO Pizza. JOE Pizza only gets customer locally, but DOMINO Pizzas are everywhere and for sure they will get more customers, hense more income. So, what do you think? If you are not a member yet, would you like to be a member now? Or if you are a member already, would you like to start recruiting before it's too late?? Visit my blogs if you need more information...Just click my face, and click my website
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