paypal vs e-gold

January 31, 2007 1:06am CST
I've read thru mylot section and found the resources on these two topics are very scatted and messy. I am a new user of paypal, in fact i've just open my paypal account before i saw and registered in. My understand for paypal is that ,it's hard to redraw money from paypal in Malaysia but it's a popular channel in eBusiness industries. As for e-gold, just receive information from my other forum friends saying that e-gold's value is determin by the prices of gold. Which sounds like a good investement as gold price is very stable. But ... to get the money i have to find a local legirimate merchant. Here we have to be caution on which is the valid and the best in town. Now, that's all i know about these two. Please anyone out there lets discuss on these. Lets compare, if there is other way than using these two, please tell and explain.
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