can UN bring peace to the world?

January 31, 2007 1:16am CST
UN was created to bring peace to the world,the united nations appears helpless in preventing bloody conflicts.Is the UN failing in it's mission?if so,what are the consequences?
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• Philippines
31 Jan 07
The failures of UN does not solely depend on the UN Sec. Gen. or the UN peacekeepers or those working in the various UN agencies. One of the significant factor of the UN's failure is that its Member States had failed to support and recognize the UN mission. Powerful states in particular had opted for unilateral actions. The battle in Iraq, for example, had only reinforced the people's dissatisfaction toward the UN because it wasn't able to stop US and UK in waging war. The permanent members of the Security Council had not worked efficiently for each of them had secured their national interest in replace of collective security. There were some cases in the past wherein the UN had proven its importance in securing war-torn areas. It was also revealed that in such cases, the Member States orchestrated a plan under the guidance of the UN Sec. Gen. I believe that only when structural reforms are implemented, just as what Kofi Annan called for during his term, the UN would be able to repair its deficiences and play a significant role in bringing conflicts among and between regions into an end.
• United States
31 Jan 07
...somewhere the U.N. picked up a new irrational philosophy, of accepting that even dictators and thugs should sit on the security council (after all everything is 'relative'). So trying to deal with evils of the world was greatly undermined, as it comes second to self interest and making profits, such as with the oil for food bribes. If the U.N. had been around and been relied upon to deal with hitler, none of this matter now.
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• Philippines
1 Feb 07
that's a good point and that's the same reason why the substantial and structural reforms must be implemented not only within the Security Council. I've heard about some UN "peacekeepers" who were themselves "perpetrators." But we must not forget that, oftentimes, the line "the UN has failed" must mean "the member states of the UN has failed." Like in the past, the multinational UN forces, were composed of varied quality and "the coalition of the willing" are too willing to send their "not so willing" troops.