Which processor

January 31, 2007 3:42am CST
Which processor do you use? Intel or AMD? Which processor do you think is perfect for most applications now? I personally think Intel is a much better option because of the durability... My previous AMD processor just burnt off because of a fan failure... That was the AMD Athlon processor.. considerably newer generation processor... while my friends with P4 said that they faced the similar issue of fan getting stuck due to the IDE cable and the processor still ran fine... just slower thats all.. i think thats the kind of innovation that needs to be appreciated!! :)
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@chakotay (240)
• Romania
2 Mar 07
The best solution for me was to buy tow computers one for games and browsing and another for Internet rooting and file & mail server AMD x64 is outstanding on games if u have a good video card Pentium 4 dual core 935 is the best for long and havy duty i use for server wiht DDR2 is more stabille and fast!
• Pakistan
31 Jan 07
amd athlon is equal to intel p
@sham_mdk (436)
• India
31 Jan 07
I always prefer intel using core to duo technology thins processor is of 64 bit,intel is good and have great processing speed when compare to AMD Athlon........