Should I apologize or does she just need help?

October 9, 2006 7:29pm CST
My fiance's ex is telling my fiance and I that we need to apologize to her for making her life hell when all we are doing is trying to get visitation to thier 3 year old daughter. There have been many things said from either side but any of the stuff we say is telling her the truth. I have even gone so far as to say sorry for things I had no part of just to keep the peace!! She has told us many times that we are ruining "her" life and causing "her" stress. Nothing about the child. She has told me that she is going to call Social Services on me twice and said that she is going to get a restarining order on me against the child so many time that I lost count. I even have 13 counts of Defimation of Character on her for writing my fiance emails saying some really nasty things about me. She had at one point said some stuff to people I was babysitting for and I ended up losing my job. This person has been diagnosed with Multiple Personalities and has a lot of other problems that she won't admit to. I have tried staying out of the whole situation but she keeps telling my fiance that she knows I'm involved even though I have a child to take care of plus I'm going to school. I have tried to be nice to her and even helped her when she was pregnant and needed advice and even asked how her and the baby were after it was born. I have tried but she is pushing my buttons the wrong way. What do you think?
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6 Nov 06
I have been through this kind of thing with my oldest son and his dad wife, and I am doing it again with my boyfriend's ex about their son. I try to look at our "meetings" a business transaction.Not the sweet little boy just his "mother" if you want to call her that. Just smile and bear with it. I know it will be REAL hard but if you love this little girl you will be able to do it. Talk to the mother as little as posible and just about what concerns the child, nothing eles that way she can't get you worked up as much. I hope things change fast for this little girl of your. And she is yours too cause you are worried about her. You love her daddy and that makes it easy to love her as your own. Keep that love in mind and it makes things a little easier. I have to deal with the ex twice a week and one of them days she is sitting here in my house. good luck
@amylou (127)
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20 Oct 06
Wow - tough situation. I personally have never had to deal with this type of thing. All I can say is be the bigger person and let her dig her own hole. Too many calls to CPS and they begin to discredit HER as a person rather than you. She seems like a hateful, selfish person - don't let her bring you down to her level. She's only making a fool out of herself. Some girls just never learn. Goodluck!!