Last Judgement

January 31, 2007 4:10am CST
What Does your religion or your religious book says about the Day of jugdement. As a Muslim And According To holy Quran & Successive and indispututable reports and narratives from holy prophet(S.A.W) & the immaculate Imams(A.S), no one enters the world of the great day of judgement right after death because the great resurrection coincides with a series of fundamental revolutions and transformations in all the earthly and celestial bodies such as mountains seas the moon the sun the stars and constellations. On the great day of judgement nothing will remain in its usual condition moreover on the day the first and the last will come together. We see that the world still exists and will perhaps exists for millions, even billions of years with billions and billions of people coming after wards. Afetr death one enters an other stage of life where one feels everthing. one deeds in this world.. Whats does your book says ???
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