Do you swear when your behind the wheels?

Driving - Man behind wheels
Sri Lanka
January 31, 2007 8:31am CST
Generally a lot of people are very short tempered when they are on the road, driving. Some swear to themselves and some swear at the other drivers.
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@apky12 (775)
• United States
1 Feb 07
Yes, I swear behind the wheel. now that I have little kids in the car though I say what the f are you thinking. Watch where you are fing going. I don't use the word b/c I can just see it now. My 2 year old would be cussing up a storm.
• Sri Lanka
1 Feb 07
LOL. Better watch out else, your kids are gonna grow up thinking thats normal vocabualry.
• Canada
4 Aug 07
Generally use mild expressions at people who drive below speed limit in a 2-way traffic, or slow in the left lane, or don't use their blinker to indicate a turnoff.
• Egypt
1 Feb 07
yes you tell the right thing,i started to think the the driving the best lessons to teach the swearing :) If you take a deep look on the driving on the street,it is the perfect resemble to the nature of the driver. the man the swears in the driving you know he is absolutely do the same thing in his ordinary life and the one who keep his angry inside him..he do the same thing in his real life too. Yes i like the deep looking to the things