150 responses....!even the best response selected..does that bother you?

January 31, 2007 9:18am CST
you liked a discussion and felt like replying to it....but you find that it has got ample responses and your response wouldn't be considered or even read...!u find out that best response has been selected...still you would respond or you would make a bad face and move to the next one...thinking that you had a chance here because you could have written a lot as it was a topic that interests you!but someone else had made it?would you still like to voice your opinions?
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@vbcoder (196)
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
i think it does not matter, even if the user has already picked the best response or if it has already alot of responses. you are here to voice out your opinions and tell everyone how what to think about the subject or topic. i dont see any rules here in mylot that stops you from replying in a discussion with alot of responses or if the best response has already been selected.
• India
31 Jan 07
yes same holds true for me!
@suren2k6cse (2624)
• India
4 Feb 07
i not even got your respond for my discussion