Chatsites - Have you ever wanted your own site or been on a well known chatsite?

January 31, 2007 10:57am CST
I have my own chat website and i hosted it for about a year myself and it lost its edge. It never seemed to pick up because i hosted from a laptop which meant my connection wasn't as good as it would have been hosting from a desktop computer. My website was also hosted from my laptop using IIS (Internet Information Services), the free version on windows xp proffessional because i really don't like paying money over the internet. Don't worry, i'm not an internet geek or anything like that i just downloaded the program for free off the internet and i know alot about the program, which means i knew how to set it up and i often help my friends out, having encountered a lot of the problems myself and knowing the solution. My chatsite was called, not sure why, just thought of it and it sounded good lol. I still own it unti about 27th may 2008 or somewhere near there but i don't know if i want to renew the registration because i hardly use it anymore, I might even sell it ... who knows! lol I use a lot of chatsites, which my friend owns is where i work as an operator, i have worked at but that didn't last very long ... even hosted it for a short while. A very good chatsite i have used for years is - which has many sister sites including which is what i use. Some of the staff can be power hungry and controlling and even some of the chatters ... most of the chatters act hard pretending to be "hackers" like little kiddies - just ignore them! lol Well let me know what websites you own/design/host or chatsites you have or want/would like or simply go on! I would love to know! Write Back! Andy xx
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