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United States
January 31, 2007 1:17pm CST
I met this GUY in singlesnet and he's so fine, nice body and good looking. He said he just quit in army and we've talked for like 2 weeks and decided to meet up. I got a little scared because im new here in U.S and i ask my aunt's permission. She was like "NO" big no, she said it may be a predator. But im already 21 yrs old. She investigate him and ask him some questions and she dont like his job and stuffs. So she called the town police and she told them that this guy who's asking me out is not permitted to visit me ever. So, you think that's right? I never talk to him again but i think he's a nice guy.
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• United States
1 Feb 07
Well i see how your aunt want to be protective of you. but only talking to a guy for 2 week isn't really enough tiem to know if a guy is a nice guy or not. I'm a guy and to tell u the truth there is alot of guys out there that are willing to try very hard and put in alot of time to make u believe they are a nice guy. I don't think i really trust the who idea of dating online. Not to bash any decent online guys out there but there are so many people out there in the internet looking to take advantage of some trying to look for an honest relationship. I think ur aunt is right, especially talking with some1 on the internet u need to be very cautious and take time and pre-cautions. Well go0d luck with finding the right man out there. I'm pretty sure you will, seeing how beautiful you are. Go0d Luck