What if?

United States
January 31, 2007 3:14pm CST
What if, Love never really was there? What if They said it but never meant it? how come alot of guys lie? its life i know, but really. it does hurt alot!! ask anyone!! really! gezz.......... maybe? if love, never was there, then maybe people would be singel? and like no more humans. so love i guess we need it!! what do u guys think?? i think honstly that we need it.. cuz with out it, there will be no happy ness.. yea u do need it to be happy. cuz ur faimly and friends love u! and somtimes peple get sad, and upset cuz they ned a love!!!
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@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
31 Jan 07
Hello, the problem nowadays is that people sometimes dont feel themselves as being loved. THey "Feel". so its not neccesary true. Well, I agree to you there are many people that say love but does not mean it. We, humans cannot actually live without love, so its the essence of love. ITs not just about happyness but existence, human existence will be gone when there is no more love there. Even though sometimes people does not have family and no friend. God is there loving you and He will send someone that will love you. I dont know about lots of guys lie. Thats something terrible if that happened. Its very dissapointing. But one thing that I can tell you for sure. Once a man love a woman. He will love her more than she does. Because thats what happen in this life. They might seem does not care about lots of things, but its just that often, most guys cannot actually express their feeling. They might flirt with lots of girls but they would think about the one they love and really care about at night.