How important is privacy?

United States
January 31, 2007 4:35pm CST
I believed it is very important. Example is like when reading someones personal letter. Digging on someones stuffs...I mean that's totally disrespectful! How do you handle people who invade your privacy? Would you be able to trust them again?
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@crosa125 (1484)
1 Feb 07
trust them?i won't trust them even with my cat if i have one,but i can trust them only and only with my dog.let's see how they feel about him.
• United States
1 Feb 07
Lol...thanks for your response!
@jess368 (3368)
• United States
20 Feb 07
Privacy is very important to me. I give my boyfriend privacy when he asks for it, an di would expect him to do the same for me. I dont care what the situation is, There should never be any reason for your significant other to go through your stuff, trying to find dirt. Either you trust them, or you dont so you confront them.
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
Privacy is really important to me, I am a good friend if you are good to me, but once you betrayed me and disrespect me, definitely, it's hard to win me back again.. i am easily to go with and I can trust someone whom I think I can trust to but once you lose it, I dont think, everything will be back again after losing my trust to a person.
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
16 Feb 07
Privacy is very important to me. I also believe that privacy is very important for everyone in this world at one point or another. I believe that we all need our personal space & that sometimes some people out there in this world have a difficult time understanding this when you try to explain this to them. I dislike when people try to invade my privacy. Sadly a lot of people within my family try to do this. For example my mom tends to always ask a lot of personal questions. It gets to the point where you know that she doesn't care about your well-being.. But instead is just wanting to find out things to hold them against you. There will be times where she will keep on pushing for you to tell her personal information about your life & you begin to feel like your own parent is a reporter. I've had times where I have had to say to her.. "Why do you want to know?" because she will keep on pushing for more information. It has gotten to the point where I know longer tell her anything because she has pushed me to the point where I began to feel rather uncomfortable. I believe if a family member or anyone for that matter who truly loves you.. See's that you are uncomfortable or you communicate to them that you are uncomfortable.. They then still keep on pushing you even after you had talked to them about it.. In my eyes they truly do not care about you as a person if they keep on acting in this manner.. Especially when you had communicated to them on how they are making you feel rather uncomfortable in your own home. I've even had my mom go through mine & my other half's personal things.. And I've had to go up to her & say to her "Did you lose something?" I honestly am unable to trust someone who has invaded my privacy on numerous occasions. You begin to feel like you can know longer tell them anything. As well you begin to feel like you have to hide some of your own belongings so that they just don't decide to go through them without your permission. I believe if a person cares for you they will not go through your things without your consent before hand. I dislike when people take it upon themselves to do this. I've also had people sometimes look over my shoulder when I may be on the computer. Or if they see an envelope within my room they will try to pick up whatever is inside it & read it.. I've confronted these type of people before & they still weren't willing to listen to how I had felt.. So I had to honestly distance myself away from them.. I've also had to come to a decision to not keep in contact with them like I had used to once before. I think it's best to do this if someone is invading your privacy & you tell them to back off.. And they do not listen to your requests & keep on doing it.. People like that in my opinion don't deserve to be apart of your life if they keep on doing this.. In conclusion.. I value my privacy. I also am a very private person. And when people decide to invade my privacy it makes me feel like I can know longer trust them. It makes me not want to tell them anything further more because of how uncomfortable they may have made me in the past. I believe it's important to have people within one's life who respects your privacy & will not invade it.. And if they had & you had made it well known that you do not appreciate this behavior.. They we're willing to stop it instead of continuing on with what they may have been doing. It's all about respect for another person & there belongings in my humble opinion. I believe if someone truly cares for you they will not do things like this to you.. I believe this is the reason as to why I am so careful when it comes to who I choose to be apart of my life! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx