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January 31, 2007 8:34pm CST
Why is it that there is a corruption in our government or state? or even in different countries? pls response
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• India
1 Feb 07
i dont know about other countries but if we talk of our country - India, then according to me there are various reasons for this. A. Being a multi party system, there are people fighting amongst themseleves to steal the chair and do nothing about the people. B. There is hardly any tranparency in the political system. C. The accountability that the parties have here are never cross checked and that is the reason that instead of giving the right information to the people, the politicians look at their interest first and end up eating the entire money. D. Also another reason for corruption is the low wages that these govt. employees get which invariably forces them to eat up people's money and resort to corrupt means for their livelihood.