Bible Cutting

January 31, 2007 9:23pm CST
Im guilty of "Bible Cutting." I didn't know until recently when someone testified in our church. I silently pray for a conversation with Him and when I open my Bible I just point a finger to any verse I can read. Is there a style of reading the Bible to attain spiritual growth?
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@wdiong (1817)
• Singapore
8 Feb 07
I did not know that there is such a term as "Bible Cutting". What I do is follow a devotional guide called 'Our Daily Bread' .
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
Me neither. Until I heard it from our pastor in his preaching. I used to follow a devotional by Blackabby. Its like Our Daily Bread as well. But i finished it last year. :)
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
The Bible is a book and the best way to read it is to read it as a book. Chapters and verses were recent additions to facilitate easy reading and memorization. Reading the life of Christ in the Gospels is a good start. Any lesson learned from reading the Bible contributes to one's spiritual growth.
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
Thanks for the insight. I was used to reading the Bible while using the devotional of Blackabby that served as my guide before. Now that i've completed the year i didn't have any guide. thanks again.
• Malaysia
12 Feb 07
Well there is no particular style of reading the Bible to attain spiritual growth. But i personally think that we should have organised way of studying Bible to grow spiritually wherein you can either go for deeper Bible study focussing on different character in Bible, prophets and their lives, Apostles etc.
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
There are guides in reading the bible for our daily lives and I think there are online guide in the internet. There are also guides that can be bought. Feel free to browse in the internet or buy some daily readings to help you. Have a nice day. :)