have you wondered how everything is connected like a constellation of stars..

January 31, 2007 10:10pm CST
i really am curious on how everything is connected to one another.. its just like knowing something and for a couple of days, that something you know comes in handy..that something you know becomes everything to someone. Im seeing it like playing an rpg game or a role play game and then picking up items on every place you go without actually knowing what will be the use of that for you. And then suddenly one day, it became usefull for someone or even for you. it is like everything is being planned by someone who controls everything. It's amazing! it's like we are all constellations.. sometimes what you know or what you have may save your life or someone's life.. I'm talking about things that you know or things that you unintentionally found. Like one day for example, you found a penny on the street and you really don't need it for that time.. and then suddenly one person you encountered really needs that penny to pay for fare cause he was short on that exact amount... so just imagine if you didnt pick that penny..poor guy, he can't go home then. And it may also apply even to yourself as well.. what if one day you found a penny then you ignored it.. after a day or two.. you fell into a situation when in fell short of just a penny... then you can't go home.. its like there is no such thing as useless and nonsense in the world.. everything is meant for something.. even garbage is gold for someone else..i think we shouldnt underestimate everything we see around us.. wether it is just something that has no value for us.. because everything is a prospect i being a solution to a problem..its just timing i guess.. but if you acquire and did'nt underestimate that "thing", then you can control timing.. when you can be a solution or should i say it, the Difference. im just curious and wondering about it everytime.. wether there is really a God, creator or none, it's still is amazing right? that's why i always absorb everthing i came to know or being thought about as well as i always re-think of things that i acquire that i dont think that is gonna be useful for me.. i dont just trash it just like that. because think of it this way.. i dont want to go home walking just because i lack just a penny.. its a basic example i can think of.. somehow, somewhere, there is that thing that can help me or who can help me..its just a matter of timing...what do you think?
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• Melbourne, Florida
1 Feb 07
Ever person you meet is a teacher and a student. We are all connected. I describe it like a puzzle. I've been collecting pieces all my life, and just when I started to get a clear picture, I realized that my puzzle connects to someone elses. A piece of their picture completes a missing part in my picture. Each piece of wisdom I pass on is the missing piece in someone else's lesson. Sometimes the person I'm passing piece to might think that what I'm giving them isn't part of their picture at all, it doesn't seem to match what they see, but I know, that someday when they get more of their puzzle complete, they will realize where my piece fits.
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
exactly.. and thats like collecting puzzles until the end of this life we have.. and then after that is there a God that planned everthing? what would happen if you die then you are the purpose of another person, what would happen to him then? i think someone would replace you all of a sudden. but still its amazing because there is always a process upon everything right? but what is amazing about this process is that it is planned way before you needed it.. i dont believe that everything that would happen is predestined. ofcourse what happened to that choice which in the first place we do have.. but rather io believe that situations may be predestined but we have the choice on how to deal with it.. and in effect, its either we make it worse or do it right.