fighting against corruption

Hong Kong
January 31, 2007 10:19pm CST
I fought for liberation in 1971.Then i served in the Navy. After given forced retirement in '86,i joined a chocolate industry as Genaral Manager.The whole sky collapsed on me.So many demands started raising from all quarters & i was not very sure about bringing things into order.I sat with officers,stopped all extra facilities,gave them target to fill in time.Workers were given facilities according to their works.Politics were banned during working hours.Result was miraculous.Stopped all kinds of pilferage going against the tide.I had no idea about chocolate,but stopping of corruption made the unit profitable.Then I was terminated for non compliance with order of purchasing a machine from Italy without tender. After 2 months,the unit recieved International award for its performance & i was not called back by the authority. I filed a case against my illegal removal & won.But the authority again has filed an appeal to kill time.I am running 55 & another 2 years for retirement from service.I dont know when i will be able to get the case heard by the appellate court after crossing long line ahead.The unit are no longer profitable at the moment.The main & only reason for loss is "CORRUPTION".It is really hurting to see something being destroyed for corrupt practices of few people who are making fortune with blood of co-workers.I want to continue my odd fight at uneven ground for the sake of my people for whom i fought in 1971.But how long i am going to live?
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