Do you pay attention to the economy in your city?

@sedel1027 (17860)
Cupertino, California
January 31, 2007 10:30pm CST
Honestly, I have always half paid attention to what the businesses community was doing because I felt that the areas I lived in were strong and we didn't have to worry about companies leaving. Being in a post-Katrina New Orleans has changed that. I wrote a few weeks ago about possibly loosing my job. That has not happened yet, but many people have had their hours cut and we didn't even make enough to cover out rent this month. We will see. With this decrease in business I started noticing the state of business in our metro area. Large business are leaving this area like there is a plauge going around. We have 1 Fortune any level company left and I thin this is because they feel obligated to stay. No one is doing anything. This frustrates me. I don't see this beautiful city survivng at the rate it is going. I have never loved living here, but I don't want the city to die either. Have you ever lived in a place that seemed it was going down the tubes and there was no way out and no politcal leader doing anything? What happend? Did the city just hit hard times?
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@Sailor (1160)
• United States
4 Feb 07
This is unfortunately because the fanfare of Katrina has passed. And you can't expect to many companies to hang around when the Govt. doesn't care because it makes it harder to get their write offs. But I always pay attention to the finances around my community and the areas I travel through.