Quality of Care

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February 1, 2007 1:08am CST
Has anyone had this experiance with medical care recieved by themselves,friends, or family ? That you were just another one. Not listen too ( Not Really ) not respected... It's a simple enough premise It's gone missing in medicine in america. It's one of the most basic C A R E Patient CARE... Medicine is a difficult enough vocation make no mistake.. However far to many Doctors asking patients what they think of thier care, is just something to say/do before they get on with their work , instead of it being their work... Every Patient is the only patient .. There is a serious lack of quality in the care recieved. here in America Statistics solidify this argument To err is human ...Now what's the rest of that famous quote....Humm umm Oh,yes To forgive divine...
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1 Feb 07
Yes and I blame it on the HMOs, we now have corporate executives making our medical decisions. My HMO will only allow the doctor 15 minutes with a patient. I guess that is why I was given aspirin therapy to ward off a stroke when I was actually hemorraghing. In the end, I am sure the 4 day hospital stay and multiple blood transfusions followed by another day in the hospital for outpatient surgery cost the HMO a whole lot more than another 15 minutes with the doctor would have.