Legal Matter or no? What should he do?

United States
February 1, 2007 2:05am CST
Hello. A good friend of mine has to complete 55 weeks of DV class. It was court ordered. Anyways, halfway through the program the lady whom runs the DV class and collects all his homework gave him a 13 week extension while he is already halfway beyond the program. I don't think she is supposed to do this. A few months ago he mentioned he misplaced his INS papers (proof of residence) and cannot find them. So, he has been saving money to apply for copies of his papers. She then even made him bring two forms of INS proof that he has filled out with his personal information and she made copies of them when he told her not to. She told him if he does not bring them and show them to her, she will pre-release him because she didn't beleive that he was taking care of his INS status when she has nothing to do with immigration... DV has nothing to do with INS. Anyways, one day before his court she faxed his progress report to the judge and the summary said "He is learning, but is incosistant.. I beleive he needs a 13 week extension." So, the judge granted the extension without knowing the details of what she deems as "inconsistancy". He is not inconsistant, he does all of his homework, and goes to class everday. Now, get this. After he received the extension, he went to class next week and said in front of the group members "I'm very dissapointed that you gave me a 13 week extension when I have been doing my homework and participating in the group and doing everything that is asked of me. I got an extension when I feel like I didn't deserve it. I know the only real reason why I got the extension is because you want to make sure I got my INS documents." and she confessed to this and said "Yes, that's true..." in front of the whole group. She never wrote that on the progress report "He needs to get his INS papers, so I beleive he needs a 13 week extension..." Now, why did she not write the real reason? Maybe because this has nothing to do with DV... something is wrong with this picture here.. What should we do in this matter? Is this a legal matter, should we sue?
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