What should do if tired with your main job?

@Rasnie (1135)
February 1, 2007 2:46am CST
Come the office everyday, with the daily routine job that need dead line to do it sometimes will make you tired & bored facing this with all the work problems. Any advice, what to do?
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1 Feb 07
Well if i was tired with my main job i would sit back and do some research to see what else was out there. I would not quit until I have done this. It sounds like your interest lies somewhere else. I would reflect on my interests maybe write them down in a journal and see what occupations fit that profile and if there were classes to bring me closer to the goals of my interest i would seek them out as well. It just might be time for a new occupation one that would bring the best out in you. take care
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@Qaeyious (2357)
• United States
3 Feb 07
I have been with my present employer for 12 years. They have been wonderful years, except for the last one or two. People still ask my advise due to my reputation, but since my focus changed from verifying, to system enhancements (a promotion), and then to processing transactions (a demotion, even from verifying) and doing calls (something I never wanted to do in a job) ... I tried to adapt, but no, I don't want to be with them anymore, so last month I started seriously relearning how to look for a job. In fact, myLot.com was listed on homejobstop.com which is why I am here now. Won't pay my rent, but it will get me a few big macs each year :D I have to do my resume, relearn the interview process (sigh) Fortunately I graduated from Heald Business College, and I verified they have free job placement resources available for life (I graduated January 1987 -- Windows 1.0 just came out :D) I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Indonesia, what kind of resources are available - U.S. has an unemployment office, that have jobs listed. As a young adult I participated in CET which was a government sponsered employment training program. Heald Business College I got loans for that I needed to pay off after graduation, and grants from the government that I didn't need to pay back. What are your resources there, through government programs, charities, religious organizations, anything?
@diansinta (7544)
• Indonesia
3 Feb 07
bored at work - bored at work image
i am very bored at my work right now. my bos didn't increase my salary this month, i hope its not forever..i like to buy something after work, it will be change my moods, hope so,not very expencive.. may be green tea