February 1, 2007 6:58am CST
i dont have any religion dont believe in god or any of the stuff to do with religion or the bible find it a waste of time was just wondering what everyone else's thoughts were.
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1 Feb 07
religion is a load of bulls** is purely a ficticious story made up by the bourgeois, to tell the lower classes how to behave. i hate the whole class system, i have studied it and the bull they make up to get their own way...all forms of religion are a wicked example of them ruling everyone else
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• India
7 Feb 07
i dont believe in religion but i believe in god. i think god is everywhere when you need god helps you .
1 Feb 07
same as you. i don't believe in a god. i respect people who do and those who go around quoting the good book in a lame way are really breaking there own religion. but i think people can live side by side believing in what ever they want god or no god. Kuods ~Joey
1 Feb 07
i agree with vicky, religion is purely a way of getting people to have fueds and argue...a whole load of bull