Saddam hussain

February 1, 2007 7:06am CST
was just wondering what people thought of the way saddam hussain got killed do you think he deserved to die do you think the way it happened was wrong or do you think he deserved alot worse.
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1 Feb 07
i think that saddam hussain deserved to die...personally i dont think it was painful enough though. he was a disturbed man, and i hate the fact that he killed and raped innocent people. i personally enojoyed seeing him being hung
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1 Feb 07
personally i think it was handled in the wrong way. i think he deserved to die, not in the way he. jail and allowing him to rot would be the best way for him. hanging is cruel and pretty quick for a way to die. (especially if the neck breaks during the drop) ~Joey
1 Feb 07
i think that saddam was a murderer, as said above, and he deserved to die. he came off to easily though. a hanging is a winps killing, just like a shooting. personally i think they should have prolonged his killing...a long strung out killing would have been better, like starving him? or maybe injecting him with pure air