WHAT IS THE end of the earth

February 1, 2007 7:18am CST
predictions of the end of the world have been frequent , the problems with such predictions is the that the world doesnt follow their schedule ,because various disasters hafve not happened ,enviroment alists are often driven to issue warnings because more studied statement are dismissed by those who making money off the status quo ,Andrew Miller an associate professor in the departemnt of geography and enviroment al systems at the university of Maryland ,says that there is almost a tital consensus among scientists that we are now experiencing a total climate shift, how large that will be ,what the consquences will be .it is hard to say ,the fact is we are running a huge uncontrolled experiment in very complex system ,. miller still says that he thinks a lot of thing are at seriously at risk ,that does not mean that human ingenuity cant come up with a way to deal wiht this
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