How do you feed your dog? Does it get to taste different things?

@Indiffer (287)
February 1, 2007 11:27am CST
Our first dog was extremely picky. We got him at age two and he was very difficult to feed. We ended up giving him what he wanted just to be sure he ate. I guess we worried too much and he knew how to use that to his advantage. The dog we have now is the other way around. He eats anything, and loves tasting new things. Today one of my children accidentally lost half of his orange to the floor, the dog ate it and he seemed so satisfied with it. Crazy husband has even let him taste onions. So do you try to stick to the dog food "like you should", or do you let the dog eat leftovers etc?
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• Singapore
3 Feb 07
My dog sticks to dog food...but she gets canned food once or twice a week mixed with it. She absolutely does not get scraps or human food. I do not want to shorten her lifespan.
@Indiffer (287)
• Norway
4 Feb 07
Thank you for replying. I had the experience that if you mix canned food with the dog food, the dog would refuse to eat unless there was canned food in it. Have you experienced that? So with the dog we have now, we keep those things separate. Good luck with your dog :)