From Pregnancy!!!

@davido (1623)
February 1, 2007 11:31am CST
I see that a lot of people are talking and asking alot of questions about raising their kids, I hope my beleief will be accepted cause i practised it and it is working for me. Talk to your baby from the time of pregnancy- talking in the sence that what you want him/her to be, to do and other good things you will want for her. How do you do this- You lay your hand on your wifes tommy (Mother too lay it on your tommy at least its yours) and speak the word (Prophecy)into the tommy. I am a Christian by faith and i Practiced this with my wife when she was pregnant i pray for both of them and I am enjoying myself now, althogh I still pray for my kids (I cant stop that!)Ask for wisdom to take care of this kids. its so simple! Even the grown up ones too need it do you beleive?
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