why did I drop out?

United States
February 1, 2007 11:49am CST
I was happy to be in high school, I enjoyed my friends and my classes. I had a boyfriend I ,was envied by alot of girls just for that fact. Then one day I heard rumors of him cheating so I broke up and went out on a blind date and ,and dated him for 5 months, and found myself pregnant. My dad being old fashioned and all, said I had to marry him, and we got married, I went only 4 days to school after I said my vows. I sit here and see how it could have been for me. I went back and got my GED, but it isn't the same really. I didn't get to make memories to cherish , my friends have moved on and or away and now being a mom of three kids, whom I love very much, I stay out of connection with most people my age.Most is only got one or two kids with them being only ages 1 to 10 and mine are 14,12,and 10. The only time I feel good with those people is when I can help them with something, like Did your child do that? What do you knwo about this or that, and then I feel like I am like them again.Silly to do such and feel such. I work hard on talking to my kids about dropping out of school and getting pregnant so young, I pray I have made them ever think twice on either.
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