windows it worth upgrading?

@ratnapro (106)
February 1, 2007 12:40pm CST
Windows finally launched VISTA finally after about 5 years from the launch of Windows XP .... The VISTA comes with a great new interface for sure....probably inspired from the MAC.....It has got great looks..OK...But what about the features?????? Microsoft says that it comes with a lot new features like the Windows Defender, antispyware, virus and malware scanner, etc... But are these enough to ensure u security???? Definitely the answer is NO!!! You need to go for some security suite like Norton, Mcafee, Bitdefender,etc. and after u install one, the inbuilt VISTA addons are meant to be TURNED OFF!!! Again.....VISTA needs a lot more system resources than WINDOWS XP....So in order to run VISTA smoothly a major, costlier PC upgrade is necessary.....Also VISTA is far more expensive than Windows XP....... So why should u upgrade to VISTA? It has a WOW factor.....great LOOKS indeed....comes with a few addons.....Its latest.....Its the much expected product from Microsoft.... Why u needn't upgrade to VISTA? Only new LOOKS....not much change in the basic features....Very expensive.... Needs a system upgrade.... To put it all is very true to say.... "VISTA IS AN OLD WINE IN A NEW GLASS" so why go for the glass if the wine is old....Until and unless u are purchasing a new PC which comes preloaded with VISTA....there's not that much need to upgrade to VISTA if u r not going after the looks and trend... So WHAT DO U THINK OF VISTA ???? Have a GREAT mylot day and GOOD friends....
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