1 Battle Called Love - My first poem! I wrote it like 5 years ago.

@kltejeda (101)
United States
February 1, 2007 1:46pm CST
1 Battle Called Love the torture I fall upon when I see her the torture she falls upon when she sees him both of us sharing the same fate of the abandoned angel I dare not interrupt the roots of love she longs to feel his kiss as I do hers what can I do when she herself is as confused as I Unable to bring out my feelings I fell the silent hands of desperation draw near choose now! I hear a voice call out my name Now is the moment. Now is the time Hoping to make the right decision It all goes as fast as a frozen epoch in time Waiting everyday in hopes of a change waiting everyday to find what lies beyond what my hopes can reach I amass my courage and lift my sword Have there ever been any survivors to the battle called love?
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