I'm getting very frustrated hearing complaining all the time!

United States
February 1, 2007 3:49pm CST
What do you do when there's a person around that complains all the time, no matter what or how hard you work to make them happy? I am now working 7am 'til 9 at night ,running a motel so my mother doesn't have to work anymore. I take care of rent bills, internet, TV,all entertainment,food,and her smoking habit; she's still not happy. I've listened to her complain all my life about having to work..Now she doesn't,and it's still not good enough. Even when I'm up BEFORE dawn,she's complaining to the point that I'm ready to cry nearly every day before I even go to work;it's killing me. My days of sleeping later than 6am are over,and that's fine,but I can't take this much longer... Can anyone give good advise on how to get the complaining to stop without starting a huge family fight? Yes, I'll get yelled at for an hour if I mention it in anyway,so I don't know what to do.. :( Lela
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• India
2 Feb 07
hey god has given u two beatifull ears so just use them .. hear any complaint from one ear and leave it from other end just go on ignoring it ... u will feel something different .. just concentrate on ur work
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• United States
3 Feb 07
LOL !!! That's the first time I've ever heard why I have 2 ears that make sense! I love it, I'll use this advice :)