Have you had to discuss the death of a pet with your children?

@mjgarcia (725)
United States
February 1, 2007 11:03pm CST
Our guinea pig died last night and I've had to discuss it with my eleven year old and my eight year old. My eleven year old is having the hardest time with it. My father has cancer and I think he's projecting his fears about my father dying onto this guinea pig. He tends to be tender hearted anyway, but I'd like suggestions on helping him through this in a way that will help him deal with it if my father does pass away. Any suggestions?
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4 Feb 07
we had a cat that got ran over and my daughter and nephew keep asking where DooDoo was( the cats name..chosen by a 2yo obviously) We told them that he went away to heaven to live with others..and we named realtives that had also passed away. but i cansee how your son can be projecting his fears of his grandpa dying. yor 11yo is but dont forget your 8yo also. Some kids tend to keep feelings inside so you need to talk t them and let them know its a sad part of lie but it is a part of life. I read somewhere that when we were babies in the womb, we got comfortable there, liked it, was used to it. When we were being born, it was scary and tramatic because we did not know what was happening or where we were going. And now we are in life and are comfortable, used to it. So when we die it will pretty much be the same.