Dishonest automobile mechanics are horrible!

United States
February 1, 2007 11:18pm CST
My little sister, a struggling college student, just bought her very first car. It's not new, and is a little over ten years old. Despite the car's age, it's in pristine condition and she really got a good deal on it. Anyway, our mom drove the car and thought that the brakes felt a little funny, so they took the car to a nearby brake shop to be checked out. The mechanic told my mom and sister that the car's brakes were in need of immediate repair, stating that the brakes were just about totally gone and that the car was unsafe to drive. He quoted them over $1400, which they didn't have. They subsequently took the car to another brake shop for a possible lower price, and the second mechanic said that the brakes were in excellent shape and even had brand new pads!!! He showed them everything so that they would see for themselves!!! Is there something that they can do about the first mechanic being such a crook, trying to rob them,after my sister scraped up the last of her money to purchase the car? It's just so wrong and scary. It's sad, too.
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@ssh123 (31086)
• India
2 Feb 07
All mechanics are not dishonest. It also depends on what a car requires to make it ply on the road. Since it is not a new car, there are chances many things would have worn out like fan belt, there are many things like wheel balancing, oil change, gear oil change, rings for engine, silencer cleaning etc. First one should take estimate and then take a decision to give the car for repair or not. I have a Hundai and it is also 6 years old, I always give to company's service centre. May be charges are 10 to 15% more than individual mechanics, but they give us estimates, they return worn out parts, they show the new parts where they are fixed.
• United States
2 Feb 07
Yeah, you're right, all mechanics aren't dishonest. We had a great one when we lived in a really small town in NC. He would fix our cars even when we were broke and let us pay him when we got the money.
@1grnthmb (2063)
• United States
18 Apr 07
It really makes me mad when mechanics try to cheat people. There has always been a problem that mechanics like to cheat woman because they think that they know nothing about cars and they can sucker them into any repair that they suggest. I remember they did a story about this on sixty minutes many years ago. But it is not always women they cheat. When I was living in the Bay Area I took my car into a shop near where I lived and asked them to replace all the belts and hoses because they were getting to the age that they need replaced. I left the car with them for the day. When I came back to get it they showed me what looked like new hoses and belts. It wasn't until several months later after I moved to a new town that I was having problems with my car and took it in to be repaired and he said that the hoses and belts also needed changed. I told him that they were fairly new and he showed me the serial numbers on the hoses and builts and told me that they were original equipement He gave me the number for the manufacture and we confirmed that they were the original hoses and builts. After pulkling them off the new mechanic showed me the stains from where the last mechanic had put built dressing on the hoses to make them look new. It is like the stuff that they put on tires that make them look new and it had only been put on the top surfaces. He also found a lot of parts on my vehicle that had been removed and changed with cheap aftermarket products so the old mechanic was striping my car and selling the parts to other customers as new. With the evidence that I got from my new mechanic I called the BBB and reported the old mechanic. A year latter I was back in the Bay Area and saw that the old mechanic had been shut down. And this had been a nation wide company. I wonder how many of there other stores did the same shady practices. By the way a complete brake job should not cost more then $500 even if they have to do the rotors which is the most expensive part. I do not think I ever paid more then $350 on any of my trucks form my old business. If you do not know the mechanic allways go and get a second estamite. But it is far better to find a good honest mechanic and stick with him.